Top 5 Best Cordless Lawn Mower Reviews & Buying Guide 2021


The lawn is not looking good due to unwanted grass?

Here are the Top and Best Cordless Lawn Mower that you should go with that will ease your gardening works.

Before jumping into purchase must read the buying guide mentioned in this article to know the factors you need to consider while buying a new lawnmower.

Here is the basic introduction if you haven’t heard before about Lawn Mower

What is a Lawn Mower?

A lawnmower is a mechanical device used in gardens to cut and trim the lawn over the grass. The larger the machine, the fewer strokes needed and the easier it is to maintain.

A cordless lawn mower eases your work by mulching the high amount of hard grass and is very efficient in areas where lawn mowing has not been completed very long.

It is one of the most popular mechanical tools today, more so than the push mower or riding mowers. The main reason for this is that it is much cheaper compared to other lawn care tools. 

So, Why Should You Go with the Cordless lawn mower for lawn, and how it would be beneficial for you? Here is the answer…

Why Should You Consider Cordless Lawn Mower?

You might have good intentions to keep your lawn neatly trimmed and neat all year round.

This kind of work requires more care and attention because maintaining the neatness and cleanliness of your lawn might sometimes be more difficult.

Keeping your lawn free from weeds can be a challenging task, especially if it grows fast. 

Some people prefer to use an electric lawnmower simply because it is a lot easier to use. It is also a lot more convenient, particularly for those who don’t like doing manual labour.

Electric lawnmowers need to be charged either from inside your home or from an outlet. Sometimes, the electricity needs to be rerouted so that the grass doesn’t grow too fast.

You need to have the right tools for grass cutting if you want to make sure that you get the best cut. 

It is important to note that lawnmower cords can seriously affect the performance of your lawnmower, mainly if you use your mower on hard, flat grounds.

Thus, it is always a good idea to get the best cordless lawn mowers for use in tough, flat lawns.

Indeed, cordless lawn mowers are now top-rated, especially with families who don’t have time to maintain their lawns. Indeed, these mowers allow you to enjoy your lawn without worrying about the upkeep.

Below you’ll find our top lawn mower picks and their reviews.

Here are Our Top Picks:

<strong>Greenworks PRO Cordless Push Lawn Mower</strong>4.6

Greenworks PRO Cordless Push Lawn MowerBadge Text

  • Edge-to-edge cutting technology
  • Powerful lawnmower for longer grass
  • Good battery life
  • Automatic Bagging System
  • Ergonomic Design
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WORX Power Share Lawn Mower4.3

WORX Power Share Lawn Mower

  • The excellent mower for flat or rocky terrain
  • Consists of the cutting deck
  • Three-level height adjustments
  • Runs on two batteries at a time
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Snapper XD 82V Max Electric Cordless Self-Propelled Lawnmower4.2

Snapper XD 82V Max Electric Cordless Self-Propelled Lawnmower

  • Easy to Control
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Offers wide ranges of adjustments
  • Smart load sensing technology
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<strong>Sun Joe 48-Volt 17-Inch Walk-Behind Lawn Mower</strong>4.5

Sun Joe 48-Volt 17-Inch Walk-Behind Lawn Mower

  • Remote control system
  • Reversing mechanism
  • Easy to control
  • Consists of an adjustable deck
  • Powerful batteries
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<strong>Greenworks 25223 Cordless Lawn Mower</strong>4.4

Greenworks 25223 Cordless Lawn Mower

  • 19-Inch steel cutting deck for faster more efficient results
  • Powerful batteries
  • Lightweight Mower
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Muscular Blades
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List of Best Cordless Lawn Mowers 2021

1. Greenworks PRO Cordless Push Lawn Mower

Greenworks PRO Cordless Push Lawn Mower
Greenworks PRO Cordless Push Lawn Mower

The Greenworks Pro Lawn Mower is an excellent mower that is perfect for those who want to trim their lawns quickly and efficiently.

The latest model from Greenworks, the Pro Mower, offers several features and is equipped with several new technologies that help you with your mowing chores.

It has cutting-edge technology that offers maximum performance as well as being easy on the environment. This mower has a unique three-in-one mulching system that promises full benefits and can run autonomously without any help from you.

Features of Greenworks Pro Lawn Mower

1. Cut-load Sensing Technology

The most popular feature of Greenworks Pro Lawn Mower is its innovative cut load sensing technology. With this mulching system, this mower can determine where the grass is and at what angle so that it can cut it at the precise location.

If you need to backtrack or go around a corner, the mulching system will let you know by sensing your movement and cutting the grass where you need to.

You can also activate the self-trimming mechanism to automatically trim the grass every time you pass by a certain area.

2. Shock-absorbing Handle

Along with the smart cut load sensing technology, the other features of this mower are the shock-absorbing handle and the powerful and long-lasting lithium-ion battery.

With a durable lithium-ion battery, the Pro Mower from Greenworks can last up to three years or more without having to be plugged in. This allows you to use it even when you have no electricity.

The side-discharge plug adapter is designed to prevent water from leaking into the vehicle, and the shock absorber handle is made with heavy-duty rubber for comfortable operation.

3. Charging System

The charging system of the Greenworks Pro Lawn Mower is quite impressive too. With a built-in rechargeable battery pack and charging station, you do not have to worry about the time and effort you exert in recharging the unit.

You simply plug it into the mower’s main electric power source, and you are ready to mow again in no time. This charger is designed to give you maximum charge times and ensure you get the most out of your lawnmower.

In fact, with its six charging options, you can be sure that you will never be without power when you need it most.

4. Ergonomic Design

The handle on the Greenworks Pro Lawn Mower has been designed ergonomically to fit for easy operation. It is made from rubber and is very comfortable to hold.

Even the push button on the lawnmower handle is so powerful and responsive that you won’t need any extra muscle power to use it.

If you need to increase the length of the handle, all you have to do is unscrew the bolt and turn the handle a little bit to increase the length of the handle.

That’s it! No need to go through the trouble of changing the handle because it’s broken.

5. Cutting Blades System

The most important feature of the Greenworks Pro Lawn Mower is that it features a reversible side cutting blade. This blade system allows you to mow in both directions.

You can mow right down to the edge of the lawn, or you can mow across the lawn in an even fashion. By reversing the blades, you also cut down on the grass clippings, making it easier to clear the lawn of clippings.

And since the blades are in opposite directions, you’ll never have to worry about getting unevenly cut grass as you’re racking up the grass catcher.

6. Automatic Bagging System

This lawnmower is equipped with an automatic bagging system. The bagging system automatically places the bag in the centre of the grass and crushes it.

That eliminates the need for you to run back and forth and fill the bag. That saves you time and money. In addition, this lawnmower has a steel deck which reduces the shock to your back and gives you improved run time.


  • Edge-to-edge cutting technology
  • Powerful lawnmower for longer grass
  • Good battery life
  • Automatic Bagging System
  • Ergonomic Design


  • Blades are not that strong enough

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2. WORX Power Share Lawn Mower

WORX Power Share Lawn Mower
WORX Power Share Lawn Mower

Now it’s easier than ever to extend your lawn even when the grass is long gone.

Worx Power Share provides torque on demand for tougher conditions, and a single button lets you set the height you would like to cut your lawn to suit the weather.

They’re also quieter than gas-powered mowers (which is a good thing since we don’t want to be woken up by the sound of gas.)

Features of WORX Power Share Lawn Mower

1. Cutting Depth

Another feature that impressed me was the cutting depth. It allows you to cut right down into the soil. It also lets you work in small areas without having to dig around.

It has a three-level height adjustment that lets you fine-tune the height you need to cut turf at. When I used the cutting depth feature, I was able to move along the lawn more quickly without having to backtrack afoot.

Most trimmers on the market today have a height and width adjustment to choose from. This feature makes it easy to mow different areas of your yard in various ways.

If you need to cut low, you can use the lower height setting. If you need to clear an area and then return to the original height, you can simply do so.

2. Cutting Deck

One other great feature of this lawnmower is the fact that it has a cutting deck. A deck allows you to place the lawnmower on its side so that the blades don’t scrape on the ground.

The deck is collapsible handle-free, so there’s no worry about blade contact. I find this to be very convenient.

Since there’s no need to worry about blade contact, the grass gets cut more thoroughly and more completely.

3. Mower Bag

The WORX Lawn Mower also has a built-in mower bag. You can store up to three litres of cut grass in this bag. This bag inflates with air so that you can mow over large areas of your lawn quickly and efficiently.

4. Attachments

WORX Lawn Mower comes with, Two 20V 4.0Ah Batteries, 85 Bushel Collection Bag, Mulch Plug, 40V Mower, 2A Dual-Charger

All the features mentioned above make the perfect mower for large lawns and tough grass. It’s also an excellent mower for flat or rocky terrain. It has excellent battery life and has a very sharp cutting blade. 


  • The excellent mower for flat or rocky terrain
  • Consists of the cutting deck
  • Three-level height adjustments
  • Runs on two batteries at a time


  • Product Assemble is hard

3. Snapper XD 82V Max Electric Cordless Self-Propelled Lawnmower

Snapper XD 82V Max Electric Cordless Self-Propelled Lawnmower
Snapper XD 82V

Snapper Lawn Mower is a well-known and trusted brand that has been ruling the lawn mowing industry today. They come in a variety of models and styles to suit your needs.

There are many models available in the market today from Snapper. But there are only two of them that we have here for you. 

Features of Snapper Cordless Lawn Mower

1. Electric Blades

This mowing grass cutter comes with an electric blade which makes it easier and less time-consuming to use. The electric blade allows you to cut the grass in any direction you want.

It comes with a manual control switch, which gives you the ability to adjust the height of the blade. In short, it can cut your lawn in different directions you want.

2. Easy to Control

The other great benefit is that it cuts grass smoothly and evenly. It comes with a dual blade that allows it to cut grass with just one stroke. There is also an optional cover that is easy to put on and remove.

And yes, you can even use it with wet or dry lawn. And if you want to keep the blade from rusting, it comes with a stainless steel blade that is corrosion resistant.

Snapper Lawn Mower comes with an optional electric lawnmower deck. And since it is an all-around mower, it fits any type of lawn, from small suburban lawn to large open meadow.

And it can cut through thickets with ease too. The steel cutting deck is durable and has rubberized cutting pads to prevent slipping.

3. Ergonomic Design

Snapper also designed the ride quality for their mowers with an optimum level of control. You can get up to speed quickly, and maintain your speed, and walk behind the mowers for more extended periods.

The deck design is lightweight and compact, and you won’t have to get up to move it. And it’s great for tight spaces.

4. Adjustable Equipment 

Snapper also offers an adjustable cutting height adjustment. This makes it easy to cut grass at different heights.

Whether you’re mowing small lawns or mowing up any more extensive lawn, the height adjustment lets you adjust the height at which you want to cut grass.

5. Sizes

Snapper offers a wide range of ride sizes with their mowers, from smaller, 2-inch ride mowers, to larger 3-inch models.

Even larger riding mowers can be fitted with a stand that will allow for an easier and more comfortable workspace.

Snapper also manufactures walk-behind mowers. These are mowers that are mounted on wheels so that they can be driven almost anywhere.

6. Bag System

Snapper also manufactures bag sealing systems. These bags seal the mulching compartment, so you don’t waste your effort mowing long grass fields.

Snapper lawn mowers also have accessories available, such as snow clearance attachments and mulching trailers. Snapper also sells replacement parts for their lawnmowers.


  • Easy to Control
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Offers wide ranges of adjustments
  • Smart load sensing technology


  • After Service is not that good

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4. Sun Joe 48-Volt 17-Inch Walk-Behind Lawn Mower

Sun Joe 48-Volt 17-Inch Walk-Behind Lawn Mower
Sun Joe 48-Volt 17-Inch Walk-Behind Lawn Mower

Sun Joe Lawn Mower is a great mower that offers all the benefits of a gas or electric model without the high cost and the noise.

Best brand in the USA: Sun Joe Lawn Mower, with included 48V Power batteries offer up to 25 minutes of chargeable battery runtime. 

Features of Sun Joe Lawn Mower

1. Easy to Control

Perfect for small to medium-sized lawns, it is an efficient means of mowing lawns easily and comfortably. It is a matter of pride for a homeowner to own a lawn, but it is also equally important to keep it maintained.

And with Sun Joe lawn mowers, you are going to love every minute of grass cutting. Whether you choose the Automatic or the Manual type, it offers a lot of value for your buck.

The two kinds of mowing heads were included to provide for various mowing options such as; true edge cutting, alternate edge cutting, and the new Speed Cut mowing.

2. Battery Pack

The optional Battery Pack accessory allows you to increase the mowing duration. While cutting width, it can cut a full-length yard quickly and easily.

Unlike other mowers that are limited in their cutting width, the Defy Maxcutter allows for a greater cutting depth by allowing the mower to cut a three-quarter inch deep profile.

This feature is ideal for areas that have thick and tough grass that requires a more thorough cutting.

The optional Battery Pack extension kit adds an extra cutting length for even more versatility for tight spaces around trees and shrubs.

The optional Power Pack accessory allows the owner to maximize their mower performance and battery runtime.

The included battery runtime can reach up to an hour for small and medium lawns and half a dozen hours for medium to large lawns. 

There is also a built-in battery pack that can be used on the mower. The owner simply has to connect the battery to the terminals on the mower.

When the connection is complete, the owner will be able to start the Sun Joe Lawn Mower. To reduce maintenance, regular charging of the batteries is recommended.

3. Reversing Mechanism

The mower is equipped with a reversing mechanism which is ideal for narrow lawns. In larger and medium lawns, it is essential to have a reversing mechanism to turn the lawnmower around from an all-terrain position.

For this reason, the optional Telescoping Reverser is included on the Sun Joe Lawn Mower to make it even easier to turn the lawn cutter.

The telescoping reverser increases mowing height, making it possible for you to reach those hard-to-reach areas when you mow.

4. Vary Cutting Angles

The PowerPack also allows the owner to vary the cutting angle of the blades. Smaller and medium-sized lawns can benefit from a wider cutting angle, while larger areas will benefit from a narrower one.

There is a blade speed that controls how much grass is cut in each cycle. You can choose between two different speeds, so you can slow down or speed up the cutting process.

The PowerPack mower comes with a pair of blades that help divide large grass areas or trim small lawns.

5. Remote Control System

There is an optional remote control with the optional Power Pack attachment that allows the owner to precisely control the height of the cutting width.

The owner can change the height of the cutting width according to the height of their heads. This feature is particularly useful for tall persons.

The remote control has five levels of resistance, which is comfortable for tall people. The owner can also adjust the length of the grass trimmer to reach the highest areas or corners of the yard.


  • Remote control system
  • Reversing mechanism
  • Easy to control
  • Consists of an adjustable deck
  • Powerful batteries


  • The wheel isn’t suitable for all lawn surface

5. Greenworks 25223 Cordless Lawn Mower

Greenworks 25223 Cordless Lawn Mower
Greenworks 25223 Cordless Lawn Mower

The most popular type of Greenworks Lawn Mower is the Dual Action. It is a two-stroke lawn mowing machine. It is powered by a gasoline engine or a battery and comes with a large front wheel storage container for storage on your lawn. 

Features of Greenworks 25223 Cordless Lawn Mower

1. Zero-turn Radius

One more feature that sets the Greenworks brand apart from other brands is its zero-turn radius. Other brands may have limits on how far they can turn around without slowing down considerably.

On the other hand, Greenworks only allows you to turn the mower’s motor without decreasing its speed.

This mowing power is ideal for people who have vast areas to mow. For people with smaller yards, the low turning radius is a great benefit.

2. Blades

Another feature found on most lawn mowers is that the blades are made out of corrugated steel instead of plastic. Corrugated steel blades cut effectively and cleanly.

You also do not have to worry about plastic blades breaking or having dangerous chemicals splashed onto your lawn.

The blades are also heat resistant, so they will not warp when you repeatedly cut the lawn. All these factors combine to make an excellent mowing unit.

3. Mulching Capacity

Some of the features include mulching capabilities and the ability to run on one or two charge batteries. The lawnmower is an excellent all-around mower.

It has excellent cutting performance and can mow a variety of landscapes with ease. The ease with which it can be used makes it the perfect mower for people with limited yard space and those with a large yard.

One of the most significant debates when it comes to Greenworks Lawn Mower selection is the mulching capability.

Mulching is the process of filling in large areas of grass and turning them into soft, spongy soil that will help your plants thrive.

Most gas-powered lawn mowers are only equipped to mulch small areas at a time. They have a limited ability to mulch more extensive lawns.

The only real benefit of a corded mulching lawn mower is that you can mulch larger areas while using less electric power. 

4. Ergonomic Design

If you want an excellent electric lawn mowing unit that offers cutting heights of up to twenty-four inches, the lawnmower is definitely worth consideration.

It is lightweight, compact, and offers many features that other brands do not provide.

The cordless lawn mower is offered in both gasoline and battery models. In addition, the gasoline model offers optional accessories, such as snow plowing flaps, and it has an eight-year limited warranty.

Most consumers are very concerned with the amount of electricity used. Many people are also concerned about the length of time that an electric mower can run on one charge.

When comparing the overall running time of a corded mower with an electric mower, you will find that an environmentally friendly model has a much longer overall running time.

While the battery will eventually need to be charged, you are now able to mulch for several weeks before you need to recharge it again.


  • 19-Inch steel cutting deck for faster more efficient results
  • Powerful batteries
  • Lightweight Mower
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Muscular Blades


  • No Cons at All!

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Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Cordless Lawn Mower

A cordless electric lawn mower is an ideal mower for any size of the lawn. But before you buy a lawnmower, you need to know what its essential features are. 

  • Run Time and Weight

It is vital to think about the run time and weight of the mower. You should take note that some mowers are powered by gas while others are powered by electricity. Both these types have different features and benefits. In addition, it also depends on the price.

Your goal is to reduce your total effort while mowing the lawn. Therefore, always choose a lightweight electric mower.

Although there are heavy-duty mowers as well, they would be too bulky to be used by a homeowner. For this reason, a lightweight lawn mower is the best choice.

  • Battery

The main feature of any lawn mower is its battery, which must be recharged regularly. However, to cut grass effectively, it’s essential to consider its other important features as well.

This includes its cutting angle and its speed. It is necessary to consider the length and width of the grass when buying a mower because these specifications are crucial for the cutting process.

  • Cutting Angle

In choosing a lawnmower, it is essential to consider its cutting angle. The best angle would be straight up and down.

This will allow the operator to cut the grass even while it is not entirely straight. You should select the cutting angle based on the size of your yard.

  • Cutting Speed

Another essential feature to consider is its cutting speed. You should consider how fast you want to cut the grass.

If you don’t want to spend too much time mowing the lawn, choose a mower with a faster cutting speed.

Remember that a mower with a higher cutting speed does not necessarily provide better performance. It’s just more convenient to use.

  • Safety

Safety features are also important to consider when purchasing a mower. Consider whether or not it has safety guards or not.

This is important, especially if you have children or elderly relatives who might accidentally be caught on the blades.

Make sure to check if there are safety guard components attached to the mower. By doing so, you can prevent them from getting caught on the blades and be spared from cuts on their bodies.

  • Warranty

Be sure to check about the length of the warranty, particularly for battery packs and other parts. It’s also a good idea to know what the manufacturer’s return policy is if you get a defective mower. By keeping these things in mind, you’ll indeed find the best mower that suits your needs and budget.

  • Attachments

When it comes to maintenance, always remember to check how often the blades should be sharpened. Most models come with accessories such as mulching attachments.

The more mowers you own, the more you’ll need these. If you find the mulching attachment necessary but the blade is dull, simply sharpen it using an old wood club or another tool.

Do not sharpen it too much, though, because you might get cuts on your limbs. Just ease into it.

FAQ on Cordless Lawn Mower

Q1. What is Lawn Mower?

A lawnmower is a mechanical device used in gardens to cut and trim the lawn over the grass.

Q2. When should I change the Lawn Mower Oil?

You should change the lawn mower oil every 3 or 4 weeks.

Q3. Factors to consider while buying the Best Lawn Mower?

Here are the features that you should look for before buying a lawnmower:-
a) Run Time and Weight
b) Battery
c) Cutting Angle
d) Cutting Speed
e) Safety Features
f) Warranty of Lawn Mower
g) Attachments

Q4. Which is the Best Lawn Mower?

All the mowers mentioned in this article are top and best and if you are still in a hurry then here is the one you should go with – Greenworks 25223 Cordless Lawn Mower

Q5. What are the different types of Lawn Mower?

There are a total six number of Lawn Mowers as:-
a) Electric Lawn Mower
b) Reel Lawnmower
c) Self-propelled
d) Riding Lawn Mower
e) Zero Turn lawn mower
f) Mulching mower

Final Words

Cordless lawn mowers are becoming more popular each day. It offers many benefits. You won’t have to worry about getting gas anytime soon.

You’ll also save money by cutting down on gas and electricity bills. You’re also helping the environment since you won’t be using any gas at all.

If you are still in a confusion regarding the best lawn mower then here is my recommended best lawn mower that you should go with – Greenworks 25223 Cordless Lawn Mower

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