Best Potting Soil For Indoor Plant -Reviews & Buying Guide


Being a Plant lover, you might have a good idea about the importance of the best potting soil. Growing plants in pots are quite challenging. Potted plants need a lot more attention and care. So, top-quality soil is necessary to ensure better nutrition, drainage, and plant growth. 

But, it might surprise many that the potting soils are not naturally soiled at all! You heard it right, so potting soils are a mixture of various natural ingredients like moss, composted biomaterial, and other wild stuff that boosts the soil’s fertility. 

As there are numerous options available in the market for your potting soil, it becomes crucial to choose the right one from them.

In this piece of information, we will help you understand what to look for while selecting a potting soil for an indoor plant, what options are available, and which one you should choose.

Let’s get going!

What should your ideal pot soil include?

If you are looking for an ideal soil for tomatoes, potted plants, a lot depends on the type of plant itself. Whether it’s a herb, vegetable plant, or flowering plant, the ground should be chosen accordingly.


The selection of the right potting soil for indoor and outdoor plants depends on numerous other factors too. 

The first and foremost is the soil’s capacity to retain moisture and offer nutrients to the plant. Your potting soil should also provide sufficient breathing room to the roots of the plant.

If the soil is not fluffy enough, it will become sticky with some water, and it might rot the origins of the plant. If the ground hardens after adding water, the plant’s tender roots won’t penetrate it, and the plant would not grow. 

So how to judge your soil is light and fluffy sufficiently?

It is simple; if the bag feels light, the soil is good enough. If the backpack feels too heavy, it means the soil’s nutrient content is less, not good enough for potting plants. The reason can be a lot of sand or pebbles that are added to make it bulky.

The amount of nutrients present in the soil bag is also crucial in judging the right soil for your plant. Your plants need a variety of macro and micronutrients for better growth. So always check out the nutrients that are mixed with the ground.

The nutrients will be listed on the bag, so make sure you read about them before making any purchase. Do not buy the soil bags which don’t have this information as you cannot trust them if they don’t even bother to display what’s inside the bag. 

Plant needs

If you plan to grow a plant from the seed, it is essential to have soil that is light and has more air space. Such soil allows easy germination of the grain and offers better growth to the plant. 

As mentioned earlier, the need for every plant is different. If you are going specifically for flowering plants or herbs, it’s better not to choose the general soil. So it is vital to select the plant-specific ground. These soils will have nutrients that are specifically necessary for such plants. 

What should you chose, Organic or Inorganic?

There is a lot of buzz around the soil with Organic fertilizers right now. More and more people are opting for soils with Organic fertilizers. But to be honest, for potted plants, both fertilizers can prove equally useful. 

But we would recommend choosing the one with natural fertilizers. The reason is pretty simple. They inhibit the plant’s growth naturally, and you can create your compost at home.

This is an excellent advantage as you won’t have to visit stores and invest in expensive inorganic fertilizers. 

Best Potting Soil Reviews

1. Miracle-Gro Potting

best potting soil

It is considered one of the best potting soil available in the market right now. It is prevalent due to its is highly affordable and delivers extraordinary results.

Whether you choose it for indoor plants or outdoor plants will prove to be a perfect choice. Thousands of users highly recommend it.  

Micro-Gro Potting contains various natural materials like perlite, fertilizer, peat moss, and compost tree material that best suits the plants.

To meet the plants’ fertilizing needs, it comes with various macro & micronutrients, for e.g. 0.11% Phosphate 0.21% Nitrogen, & 0.16% Potash. These nutrients ensure that all nutrient needs of your plants are well-satisfied.

  • This product is easy to find in any store due to its high demand
  • It is well-suited for almost every plant.
  • The Company offers guaranteed results. If you don’t get results, you can claim a refund.
  • It is incredibly affordable.&nbsp
  • No particular skill is required to use it.
  • It is in-organic
  • It has a strange odor, might not suitable for all the user Due to the presence of fertilizer, it might attract flies.

2. Hoffman 10404 Organic Cactus and Succulent Soil Mix


Hoffman 10404 Organic Cactus and Succulent Soil Mix soil are designed to nourish and nurture specific plants like cacti and other succulent species. As these plants need a minimal amount of water, it is essential to have soil that offers better drainage.

Hoffman 10404 satisfies these needs. The unique composition of the soil lets the water flow easily. This reduces the proportion of stagnant water.

This makes it perfect for various cacti & succulent soil mixes. The ph of this product is also ideal for these plants, so you won’t have to worry about it.

 It contains various natural substances like limestone, perlite, reed sedge peat, & spaghnum moss. 

  • If you are buying for succulent and cacti, it is the best option to go with.
  • There are no inorganic substances in it
  • You can use it out of the box; no need for any process.
  • Offers excellent drainage
  • It is not certified by any institute
  • It has low water retention and moisture absorption capacity
  • Not available in a variety of sizes.


Best Soil PH Meter

3. Black Gold SURRBG16QT Organic Potting Soil


If you are looking for certified organic soil, this is product is the perfect choice for you. The Organic Material Review Institute approves the ingredients used in this product. It contains perlite, pumice, & worm casting to create a wholly organic substance.

It also contains the company’s Silicon product called Resilience. This silicon compound stimulates early flowering, superior growth, and fertility. It is also attributed to better water retention capacity.

Another benefit of this product is its pH level. The product comes with a pH of 8.5. A particular substance can be added to adjust the pH, depending on the species of plant you chose. 

  • It contains various fertilizers, offering better growth.&nbsp
  • It offers a superb drainage system.
  • It is a certified organic product. 
  • It has pleasant, earthy smells. 
  • Perfect if you are looking for a water retention soil
  • It is quite expensive
  • It might attract various flies
  • There is a possibility of spores too

4. Espoma AP8 8-Quart Organic Potting Soil


With Espoma’s proprietary Myco-tone added to the soil, it contains around 11 strains of mycorrhizae that inhibit your plant’s growth. This soil includes peat humus, peat moss, worm casting, and perlite. These organic substances ensure that this soil is exceptionally safe to use.

As per the product labels, you get 7% nitrogen, 2% phosphate, and 2% potash to inhibit roots’ growth. This is extremely helpful in case if you are planning to change the pot of the plant. 

  • Fully Organic ingredient
  • High ratio of fertilizer
  • Doesn’t attract bugs
  • The price is high
  • As it is too loose, the water retention ratio is abysmal
  • It is not certified by any institution

5. Foxfarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil

best potting soil for indoor plant

As the name suggests, this soil contains forest humus, various natural fertilizers like ocean fish, bat guano, crab meat, etc., peat moss, & sandy loam. The pH of this soil is around 6.3-6.8, and as the fertilizer works best at this pH level, this soil is a perfect choice for novice plant lovers.

The fertilizers last long in this soil, and hence you can stay free from adding fertilizer regularly. Moreover, as it comes preloaded with almost every ingredient necessary for better plant growth, you won’t have to worry about any additives. 

  • It comes with different fertilizers and hence is suitable for almost any plant
  • The effect of fertilizer lasts long, eliminating the need for additives
  • It offers value for money
  • You can directly use it out of the bag.
  • It contains certain substances that heat up efficiently and become hot, even in full sunlight.
  • You might have to break down and powder the large chunks of organic material in this soil.

6. Sun Bulb 5019 Better-Gro Orchid Bark


Sun Bulb 5019 Better-Gro Orchid Bark is specifically designed to nourish the Orchids. Everyone who is in Orchids knows clearly how tricky it is to grow and nurture them. They need special care, attention, and nutrients to grow, and this soil offers them all.

This soil can be your ideal emergency potting and re-potting soil whenever you have to transfer your Orchids. It is a beautiful media of specially sized growers’ grade choice western fir bark that can provide all the necessary nutrients and substances required for an Orchid.

  • As it is developed for Orchids, it is a perfect choice. 
  • Apart from Orchid, you can use it for bromeliads, ferns, and a wide variety of other ornamentals.
  • It offers excellent drainage for root growth.
  • The soil particles are enormous, which can affect the growth of smaller plants.
  • Although good soil, it comes with a high price tag
  • Due to its dark texture, it heats up pretty quickly.

7. Michigan Peat 5720 Garden Magic Potting Soil

best potting soil

They are one of those old players who have been in the business for more than 50 years. During their long haul, they have developed top-quality soils for different plants that spurt plants’ growth.

This Michigan Peat Garden Magic Potting Soil contains sand, perlite & reed sedge peat. As all the necessary fertilizers come with it, you won’t have to add any substance to boost fertility. It is perfectly suitable for garden beds, whether indoor or outdoor.

  • Comes with a fair amount of nutrients&nbsp
  • Have a good water retaining capacity
  • You can use it in outdoor or indoor gardens alike
  • The proportion of fertilizer is less
  • Due to its dark color, it might heat up pretty quick

Final thoughts

The above-listed seven soils are the best ones available right now in the market. The final choice of best potting soil for a vegetable garden depends on multiple factors like whether you are new to planting, what sort of plants are you looking to grow, and what type e of fertilizer you prefer.

Whatever soil you chose, make sure you have decided after doing proper research about all the factors mentioned above. A detailed study will help you make a better choice.

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